Supporting traceable and sustainable nutrition right to your doorstep

Zagro is a leading manufacturer and distributor of animal health, crop care and public health products in the Asia Pacific. Starting off as a division under the prestigious Swiss-based Zuellig Group in 1953, the company was brought to public on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1996. Over the years it has proven to be one of the leading industry players catering to the needs of farmers and offering the most innovative and value for money agrisolutions all year round.

Zagro’s Animal Health division has dictated and expedited the need for improved quality and productivity. Our business caters to the needs and healthcare of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. It manufactures and distributes a wide range of nutrition and protection products to ensure that these animals are protected and given the essential nutrition for growth. The workflow, health environment and safety of our production facilities are continually studied and enhanced as all these inevitably contribute to higher productivity.

As a premix manufacturer, Zagro caters specifically to the animals’ needs with customised formulations developed by a team of dedicated veterinarians and animal nutritionists. The wide range of Zagromix and Anavite vitamin and mineral premixes are specifically designed to meet the requirements of different species of animals. Each formula is carefully formulated to achieve animals’ optimum growth, reproduction and production performance.

Apart from the wide product range of Zagromix and Anavite premixes, Zagro also offers customised formulations to address the specific needs of its clients. It allows clients to adjust the premixes according to their animals’ specific requirements and to their target performance instead of adding their specific needs on their own.

The strength of Zagro vitamin and mineral premixes is that these are all manufactured under stringent quality assurance program together with good manufacturing practices. The manufacturing plant uses a Forberg fluidized zone mixing system that ensure homogeneity of premixes, auto dosing micro bins and modern and computerised facilities by Buhler that assures better mixing efficiency. All raw materials are obtained from preapproved suppliers and have gone through quality analysis before being used in production. All raw materials are also well stored as per each advised regulated-storage conditions. Furthermore, stringent quality assurance is carried out daily by a team of laboratory specialists from Pacific Lab Services, the laboratory arm of Zagro which performs a comprehensive range of tests for different needs.

Zagro quality control adheres to standards from raw materials to production process to finished products until goods delivery. This guarantees that each premix nutritional value can be traced and be sustainable, thus, ensuring the written requirements to reach the farm as available nutrients for the animals.

Being dedicated in maintaining the highest level of productivity and services, our premixes production facilities have been awarded the following certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (by UKAS) inclusive of HACCP Certification and in conformance to GMP requirement, and FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additives and Premixture Operations.

These achievements demonstrate our commitment to meeting our customers’ ever growing demand for the highest level of product and service quality.

Envisioning itself to be the global leader one day, Zagro is on its way to building long-term solutions to an ever-increasing demand for higher quality products at affordable prices. Furthermore it entails itself to leave a mark of excellence in the eyes of its customers. The company remains steadfast and faithful to its philosophy of delivering consistent Agrisolutions to farmers all over the world. Simply put, Total Customer Satisfaction at its best!