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Disaster relief contribution by Zagro and Agsin Myanmar to flooded regions

The heavy downpour in August has resulted in 11 regions and states across Myanmar to be inundated with flood affected many of the farmers.In fact, it was one of the worst they have dealt with.Their livelihoods were at stake, crops and food source were threatened by the brutal flood situations. Myanmar is highly susceptible to climate change and extreme weather conditions, ranks among the top three countries most affected by weather related events according to the Global Climate Risk Index.

Paddy fields stretching from the edge of the village were engulfed. Farmers were devastated as it would be years before they could be planted with rice again, said ZawZaw, a 45-year-old farmer.

In light of the flood, our Sales representative, Ye HtetNaing visited the farmers that were affected. Disaster relief contributions were handed out to the farmers in the flooded regions.

A Company of Hope, People with Faith, With a Heart to Love


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